I have been a student of Tammy’s for the past few years. This past summer (2013) I had elective surgery to correct back and neck problems that were troublesome for many years. Tammy worked one on one with me in preparation for the procedure for 3 months prior, because I wanted to be in optimum health for surgery and my subsequent recovery.

Post procedure she checked in with me on a regular basis and offered simple poses that I could do on my own, before I could actively return to the studio. Once I was cleared by my doctor, I attended her Yin class regularly, eventually working back up to the Vinyasa practice. Tammy made recommendations along the way based on my physical abilities and continues to do so each and every time I practice with her. She’s truly a gifted yogi and when people ask me where to practice yoga, I refer them to her class and the teachings of Yoga South. She is acutely aware of the capabilities of her students and ensures that everyone in her class is made to feel comfortable and safe practicing yoga, no matter what physical limitations they may have on that specific day, or ongoing.

There is something for everyone at your studio.