James Kigar - Founder of Yoga South

Group Classes & Private Instruction

James began his yogic journey over twenty years ago while he was searching for an activity to deepen his martial arts training. Several years later, he took his first Ashtanga class taught by Dominic Corigliano, in San Diego. It wasn't long unti l he found his place in this new discipline. He brings the movement skills of the martial arts, with his healing experience and anatomical knowledge as a neuromuscular therapist to present yoga to others.

Whether adjusting a student in a pose or giving a healing massage, one feel the intent and presence in his touch. He is committed to developing himself to serve as a bridge for others to reconnect to their natural strength, stability and joy. James' energy and presence are extraordinary and immensely strong, yet deeply compassionate.

Kathy Evans

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Kathy has been a dedicated Yoga practitioner since 1997. She began her study of yoga with James Kigar, has completed David Swenson's ashtanga teacher training, and continues to explore other teaching styles and traditions. Drawing on her knowledge of body mechanics and asanas, Kathy has developed a deep personal practice that she shares with her students. She emphasizes strength and alignment, integrating compassion and an open heart and encouraging her students to live and practice in an inspired fashion.

Gerry Shaouy

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Gerry has been practicing Yoga for almost 10 years. She took her Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson 5 years ago and has studied with many other inspiring teachers as well. Gerry's classes are filled with warmth and encouragement. She continues studying under the guidance of her first teacher, James Kigar.

Adam Feingold

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Adam is a certified yoga instructor that has developed a teaching style through his background in Ashtanga, Sivananda and Vinyasa flow yoga. He has studied martial-arts, wrestling, and weight training for many years. The combination of various skills and techniques that Adam has learned have allowed him to embrace the mental, physical, and spiritual attributes from such diverse activities. His classes focus on pranayama, postures, strength conditioning, and inspiration for all levels of practice.

Carol Diamond

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Carol is our dynamo girl. She comes from a strong fitness background and has been working out consistently for over 20 years. She found yoga to compliment her fitness discipline and was captured by the power of the practice not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Yoga has inspired her to evolve and opened the door for growth at all levels. It has given her the endurance to go through challenging life situations or long days with her four children. She has trained with many skillful instructors and has found her own practice to be her greatest teacher.

In Carol's class the student can expect a challenging vinyasa (flow) with a heartfelt message and energizing music. She encourages her students to let go, have fun and create a positive vibration in their body, mind, and spirit.

Judy Weaver

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Judy's passion for yoga developed during her recovery from a lengthy illness in 1996 and ultimately led to an Ashtanga Vinyasa teaching certification. Her classes are energetic flowing meditations that synchronize breath and movement, blending Ashtanga, Anusara and Iyengar yoga styles. She continues to study with some of the senior teachers around the world. Judy encourages her students to have fun, find their edge, let go of expectations and incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. She embraces the spirit of ahimsa (non-violence), shanti (peace) and dharma (natural laws.)

Ryan Perna

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Former pro golfer and instructor turned yogi, received his 200hr certification through Yoga South. After a major knee injury, Ryan took his first yoga class at Yoga South six years ago and immediately became inspired by the physical practice and mental focused he experienced. Ryan now devotes his energy into yoga. Ryan inspires others through challenging yet playful classes and workshops. He brings his experience as a patient instructor and love for practicing yoga into his classes. He enables yogis of all levels to access power and peace of body, mind and spirit both on and off the mat.

Tammy Heckman

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Tammy was initially attracted to the physical challenge of yoga. As she became more engaged in the practice of yoga and its ability to strengthen and balance her body, she learned to appreciate the other beneficial effects it had on her personal well being.

Tammy is a Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Teacher who trained under James Kigar and Judy Weaver. She teaches Yin and Vinyasa for all levels. She is also a student of Iyengar Yoga and understands the importance of posture alignment in all yoga poses. She guides students with a warm, non-judgmental style. Her focus is on proper alignment, energy flow and connecting breath with movement. Tammy's classes are a fresh and joyful way for one's yoga practice to come alive.

Jonathan Shupert

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Jon's passion is creativity, and with his free-spirited vibe, he teaches a fun Vinyasa flow while still upholding traditional Ashtanga values. Jon's mission is to create a welcoming environment where students of all levels are challenged to their degree. Teaching an energetic yet playful flow, he believes students should leave yoga feeling empowered and elevated with a new sense of self awareness. Constantly exploring deeper levels of the practice, Jon teaches drawing from the power of the breath and mind connection and how this creates freedom and inner peace.

With an unshakable feeling of joy and laughter about him, Jon reminds his students "Life is too important to take seriously!"

Elizabeth Daigle

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Her love of yoga began in 2009, realizing it was possible to have an amazing workout while being gentle to her body. Having a background in bodywork and athletics, her understanding of the body is a true compliment to each class she leads. Having her own injuries, Elizabeth feels strongly about teaching proper alignment, using cues and assists to fine tune each pose. This leaves the practitioner feeling challenged yet accomplished, strengthening the physical body and the connection with the energetic body. Elizabeth is a licensed massage therapist since 1997 and trained in Naud Bo-Rarn Thai Massage, a reiki practitioner since 2008, and obtained her RYT-200 yoga certification in 2010. For Elizabeth, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual movement, allowing seekers of truth to find their bliss through their practice both on and off the mat.

Angi Vergara

Group Classes & Private Instruction

After being introduced to Yoga in 2009, Angi fell in love with the physical practice and the moving meditation of yoga. Her yoga practice and teaching continues to evolve as she explore all expressions of yoga; building upon her foundation of Vinyasa training at Yoga South in Boca Raton, FL. Previous experience as a NASM certified personal trainer has provided her with knowledge and understanding of anatomy and the importance of proper alignment. Angi encourages students to create space throughout the day, let go, breathe, and accept the challenge to bring their yoga off the mat and out into the world. She supports students to meet their edge with grace and calmness. Within change we find consistency... your practice, your peace; the lesson is in the journey. RYT200

Caroline Wybar

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Yoga made possible a miracle of healing in me. Gratitude and a sense of wonder are what animate my teaching today. I believe passionately in the power of yoga to restore health to the body, equanimity to the mind, and vitality to the soul. I love what I do, and I feel a genuine excitement about sharing this practice with others. I believe that each of us has within ourselves a wellspring of peace. To live from this place is to live a life of great freedom and joy. My hope as an instructor is to create an environment in which students can connect to a sense of wholeness within. It is my honor to be there to witness this journey and to serve as an affirming guide along the way.

Caroline Wybar completed her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga South in 2011. She is currently studying under James Kigar and Judy Weaver in pursuit of her 500 hour certification.

Genevieve Rivera

Group Classes & Private Instruction

Genevieve first came to yoga for the physical exercise it offered. She had no idea how the practice of yoga would breathe life into every aspect of her being. Having suffered from asthma and scoliosis her whole life, Genevieve was shocked and amazed as yoga transformed her inside and out! Through sculpting her body with asana (physical postures) she began to strengthen and straighten her spine, alleviating her back pain from scoliosis. With the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), Genevieve learned to control her breathing, thus releasing her from a lifelong dependence on asthma inhalers. Through her training, Genevieve gained awareness…Awareness of the physical body, awareness of the breath, and awareness of the self. The awareness of self has led Genevieve to better know patience, non-judgment, gratitude, and love ... not only in her practice but also in life. It is this gift of awareness that Genevieve shares with her students through loving and grateful service. Genevieve is a full time yoga instructor who currently teaches: Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Yin-yasa, and Kids yoga classes Credentials: Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hrs through Yoga Alliance. Currently working on RYT 500 hr Certification. Certified in Thai-Yoga Bodywork through Vedic Conservatory.