James Kigar - Fournder of Yoga South
James Kigar - Fournder of Yoga SouthGroup Classes & Private Instruction
James began his yogic journey over twenty years ago while he was searching for an activity to deepen his martial arts training. Several years later, he took his first Ashtanga class taught by Dominic Corigliano, in San Diego. It wasn’t long unti l he found his place in this new discipline. He brings the movement skills of the martial arts, with his healing experience and anatomical knowledge as a neuromuscular therapist to present yoga to others.

Whether adjusting a student in a pose or giving a healing massage, one can feel the intent and presence in his touch. He is committed to developing himself to serve as a bridge for others to reconnect to their natural strength, stability and joy. James’ energy and presence are extraordinary and immensely strong, yet deeply compassionate.

Judy Weaver - Director of Teacher Training
Judy Weaver - Director of Teacher TrainingGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Judy’s passion for yoga developed during her recovery from a lengthy illness in 1996 and ultimately led to an Ashtanga Vinyasa teaching certification. Her classes are energetic flowing meditations that synchronize breath and movement, blending Ashtanga, Anusara and Iyengar yoga styles. She continues to study with some of the senior teachers around the world. Judy encourages her students to have fun, find their edge, let go of expectations and incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. She embraces the spirit of ahimsa (non-violence), shanti (peace) and dharma (natural laws.)
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Ryan PernaGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Former pro golfer and instructor turned yogi, received his 200hr certification through Yoga South. After a major knee injury, Ryan took his first yoga class at Yoga South six years ago and immediately became inspired by the physical practice and mental focused he experienced. Ryan now devotes his energy into yoga. Ryan inspires others through challenging yet playful classes and workshops. He brings his experience as a patient instructor and love for practicing yoga into his classes. He enables yogis of all levels to access power and peace of body, mind and spirit both on and off the mat.
Gerry ShaouyGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Gerry has been practicing Yoga for almost 10 years. She took her Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson 5 years ago and has studied with many other inspiring teachers as well. Gerry’s classes are filled with warmth and encouragement. She continues studying under the guidance of her first teacher, James Kigar.
Adam FeingoldGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Adam is a certified yoga instructor that has developed a teaching style through his background in Ashtanga, Sivananda and Vinyasa flow yoga. He has studied martial-arts, wrestling, and weight training for many years. The combination of various skills and techniques that Adam has learned have allowed him to embrace the mental, physical, and spiritual attributes from such diverse activities. His classes focus on pranayama, postures, strength conditioning, and inspiration for all levels of practice.


Tammy HeckmanGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Tammy was initially attracted to the physical challenge of yoga. As she became more engaged in the practice of yoga and its ability to strengthen and balance her body, she learned to appreciate the other beneficial effects it had on her personal well being.

Tammy is a Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Teacher who trained under James Kigar and Judy Weaver. She teaches Yin and Vinyasa for all levels. She is also a student of Iyengar Yoga and understands the importance of posture alignment in all yoga poses. She guides students with a warm, non-judgmental style. Her focus is on proper alignment, energy flow and connecting breath with movement. Tammy’s classes are a fresh and joyful way for one’s yoga practice to come alive.

Stefanie GrossGroup Classes & Private Instruction
There are few things that make Stefanie happier than yoga and teaching. Put the two of them together and you have an energetic, passionate yoga teacher with experience teaching students of all levels. Stefanie found Move Through Yoga™ (501C3 pending), a for-credit elective implemented in 3 Palm Beach County High Schools five years ago. The program aims to graduate mind-body fit students through a daily yoga and meditation practice. Through her innovative approach to teaching high school students, Stefanie guides over 200 all-level-yogis at a local high school. Her sequencing allows for purposeful movements and meaningful moments of stillness. Stefanie came to yoga in 2006. Once she received her 200HR Vinyasa certification from James Kigar and Judy Weaver, she took her two passions, teaching and yoga, to inspire many to see the dynamic workout, work-in and work-through that yoga really is! Stefanie likes to say: “Be the best possible version of you that you can be in that particular moment.”

Lori BiasottiGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Lori has been practicing yoga for 10 years and became a Registered Yoga Teacher nearly five years ago. The practice offered new opportunities for calm, self-reflection and peaceful spaces in a very hectic life. The strength built both physically and mentally, is the foundational characteristic that attracts Lori to yoga. It’s the places and spaces we can find within ourselves that create self-awareness and renewal, and that turns a yoga practice into a lifestyle. Her YIN classes are designed to promote a meditative state through slow movements of asanas.


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Lauren ShawcrossGroup Classes & Private Instruction
Coming from a background of ballet and taekwondo, Lauren started practicing yoga in 2011 and immediately fell in love with it. She started teaching yoga in 2012 and currently practices vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, thanks to her teachers James Kigar, Judy Weaver, and Ana Guerra. She works at the non-profit Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life that promotes mindfulness and meditation.
Megan Van ArkelGroup Classes & Private Instruction
She began her journey into yoga through the Ashtanga lineage while studying with Manju Jois for nearly 5 years. As her practice evolved she began to incorporate her teachings from Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste into an energetic and challenging Vinyasa flow. Megan’s background as a Division 1 track athlete and Masters national rowing champion has given her a unique ability to integrate yoga into an athletes regimen. Her moving meditation is committed to alignment and balance of breath and offers a perfect opportunity for you to become the best version of yourself.