A Yoga class is a brief getaway from the normal hustle of everyday life.

At Yoga South, we strive to create a quiet, peaceful environment for each and every student in order to facillitate the most connected learning environment.

As a commitment to respect both the studio and fellow students, we ask that new and returning students refresh their understanding of in-class yoga etiquette so that each and every person can reap the maximum benefits of our challenging, awakening Yoga sessions.

We are blessed with a student-base that values the mutual respect shared amongst practicioners in the studio. We thank you for honoring one another with the commitment to a proper set of etiquette guidelines that will assist in making each and every student’s experience at Yoga South both inspirational & transformational.

Please remember to:

  • Respect the sanctity of classes that are in session before yours by remaining respectfully quiet in the shared areas of the studio before class. Your fellow classmates are entitled to enjoy a peaceful savasana just like you are!
  • Turn off your cellphones and other electronic devices for the duration of class time. You’re here! Unlpug and Enjoy the flow!
  • Make space for those around you in a crowded class.
  • Respect the instructor by adding your attention and quiet composure to mirror the quiet togetherness of the entire class
  • Only push to your own edge. Yoga is a practice of continual transformation. Do what’s best for your body and rest in child’s pose when you have had enough of a particular pose or flow.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for class to give you the support and comfort needed to successfully approach your edge.
  • Try to stay for the end of class! If you’re missing Savasana, you’re not letting the practice settle within you before you go off to face the rest of your day. If possible, stay for the entire sequence and reap the rewards!
  • Above all else, please be kind and treat the studio and your fellow practiconers with the respect that it deserves as a sanctuary for our local community.

We hope that you enjoy your time at Yoga South. If we can assist with any questions or to discuss private lessons, please contact Yoga South today.